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Lysander, Matthias & Simon @ CECP 2024

Our doctoral researchers Lysander Presser, Matthias Jantz and Simon Zimmermann had the privilege to present their research at the 10th Central European Conference on Photochemistry (CECP) from 18. - 22.02.2024 in Bad Hofgastein, Austria. All three had a great time and are grateful for the good opportunity to present their ModISC projects as well as for the valuable discussions they have had.

All three presented posters:

Matthias Jantz - Adaption of HIGHrISC Emitters for an Aprotic Environment

Lysander Presser - Investigations of Sterically Hindered Alkyl Phenothiazine Emitters

Simon Zimmermann - Time-Resolved Spectroscopy on Conjugates of Artemisinin and Benzophenone

Kategorie/n: ModISC