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D1 (Banerji)

Science Education and Outreach of RTG topics

Principal Investigator: Prof. Amitabh Banerji (Universität Potsdam)
Doctoral Researcher: Lena Halbrügge
Associated Doctoral Researcher: nn


To inspire and motivate students for the STEM-subjects (science, technology, engeneering, mathematics) the relevance of scientific topics for their everyday life, the enviroment and also mankind has to be shown over and over again. Besides society needs to be given access to results and developments of current research to support and further develop the macrosocial progress. Natural sciences do not only take place in laboratories or research institutes and are hence not necessarily linked to them. Modern topics that are relevant for the future need to find their way out of current research into teaching to be implemented in the existing curricula.

To ensure an appropriate implementation of the content, experiments taken out of the current research are didactically revised making them feasible for schools and universities. That way experiments enabling students to build organic LEDs and solarcells themselves have been developed for academic teaching. Moreover in laboratory lessons semiconductiong polymers can be synthesized and used for the organic LEDs. For the named reason selected projects out of the ModISC will be adapted for teaching resulting in the development of „hands on“- experiments as well as theoretical teaching material. Not only students at schools and in universities but also people in society who are not familiar with the subject are meant to gain access to current research topics. The candidates of the graduate college as well shall benefit from the didactic developments. Furthermore the fellows are going to be taught in their communication- and transfer-competences due to special didactical workshops.

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