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B1 (Ganter)

Luminescence Properties of Copper Complexes with N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

Principal Investigator: Prof. Christian Ganter
Doctoral Researcher: Philipp Schmeinck, Leonard Karl
Associated Doctoral Researcher: nn


Copper(I) complexes with a variety of aromatic nitrogen donors like pyridines or pyrazoles were found to be strongly luminescent. However, only a limited number of complexes with N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHC) have been described to date. Within the research training group we will investigate new NHC-copper complexes, aiming at an understanding of the factors that determine the luminescence properties, thus including the energy separation DES-T and the concomitant rate constants of forward and reverse ISC processes.

Our preliminary investigations indicate that linear NHC-Cu-pyridine complexes can be strongly luminescent or almost dark, depending on the molecular environment in the solid state. For example, two-coordinate NHC-Cu-py species 2 feature intense luminescence when precipitated from solution, while single-crystalline samples are basically dark. On the other hand, trigonal-planar bis(py)complexes 3 feature strong luminescence also in the single-crystalline state.

An interdisciplinary approach will be pursued within the RTG, joining together synthetic, spectroscopic as well as theoretical efforts, in order to understand and improve the photo-physical properties of NHC-copper complexes.

While the preparative work will be carried out in our lab based on our experience in NHC and organometallic chemistry, the photophysical measurements are carried out in the groups of Prof. Müller (steady state), Prof. Seidel (time-resolved) and Prof. Gilch (transient). Quantum chemical calculations will be carried out in the group of Prof. Marian. The group of Prof. Meerholz will employ promising candidates for the preparation of OLED devices. The team of Prof. Banerji will try to use the complexes for the construction of simple light emitting devices with the experimental setup available at high-schools for educational purposes

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